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Valuation Services

Valuation services range from basic single page value calculations to valuation reports over 100 pages long.  Every situation is different and requires customization to meet your needs.  Please contact us to discuss what type of service you will need.  Some of the many reasons valuation services might be needed are listed below:

1. Mergers and acquisitions
2. Sales and divestitures
3. Buy/sell agreements
4. Fairness opinions
5. Shareholder transactions
6. Capital infusions
7. Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs)
8. Employee benefit plans
9. Expert testimony/litigation support
10. Estate planning and taxation
11. Gift taxes
12. Solvency opinions
13. Insolvency opinions
14. Collateral valuations
15. Purchase price allocations
16. GAAP valuations under FAS 141 and/or FAS 142
17. Charitable contributions
18. Determination of net operating loss in bankruptcy
19. Determination of liquidation value in bankruptcy
20. S Corporation Elections—calculation of built-in gain per asset
21. Banks—loan applications
22. Eminent domain proceedings
23. Divorce

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