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Tax & Estate Planning

Whether you would like to minimize taxes or protect your current assets and preserve your estate for years to come, Bement & Company can help.

Tax Planning

Everyone has a different situation and not every tax planning technique works in every case.  We hope to implement the technique that helps save you the most taxes with the least amount of headache.  By reviewing your tax situation frequently it enables us to reduce and/or defer your income tax liabilities.  We feel one of the best times to go over your tax situation is in November and December of each year. We can go over strategies to help reduce taxes while letting you hang on to cash as long as possible.  We can also help you understand what amount of tax liability you might be facing in the next tax season.

Estate Planning

Family wealth preservation is a priority for the professionals at Bement & Company. We can assist you in planning your estate matters to minimize the tax consequences of asset transfers from gift and/or inheritance.  We work closely with various attorneys for our clients.  We also offer assistance to attorneys for their clients with accounting, calculations, valuations, etc.

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