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Our Tax Preparation Process

3 Steps to Get Started With 2023 Tax Preparation

Step 1: Complete tax questionnaire

New clients will also fill out:

Step 2: Sign Engagement Letter

Step 3: Provide copies of tax documents

For a list of potential documents, see below:

What's included in the Bement & Company Tax Preparation Process?

  • Every tax return is prepared by an accountant or tax preparer within our firm and all tax returns are reviewed by one of our CPAs.

  • Digital copies of all tax returns provided through secure link and our secure client portal

  • Year-round access to the client portal to access all prior year filings

  • Nationwide support we prepare tax returns and provide services no matter what state you reside

  • Digital signatures through DocuSign

  • Efiling included whenever possible. No additional charge for paper/mailed filings

  • 7+ years of document retention included with digital files stored securely on your behalf in case of IRS/State inquiries

  • CPA review includes going through potential tax saving opportunities and strategies that often save our clients $1,000-$20,000+ each year. (every situation is different and savings aren't guaranteed but common with the specific strategies, opportunities, tax credits, and entity structures used)

  • Bement & Company guarantee included:  if there is any mistake found on the tax return or additional tax saving opportunity not included in the original filing, we will file an amended tax return at no cost to you.  

Tax Return Pricing Information
Our pricing is based on the complexity of the tax returns filed and both personal and business tax returns have a base amount for all standard forms.  For returning clients you'll find that the pricing is very similar to the prior year and as you might expect it increases with the complexity of your filings, additional businesses, investments, rental properties, multi state filings, etc.  Individual tax returns average around $750-$1,500 and business tax returns average from $1,250 to $5,000 with some businesses and individuals varying greatly from the average depending on complexities.  

This more detailed pricing sheet linked here is for tax preparation and doesn't include separate tax planning, strategy, or accounting services.  Please please reach out to Jamie ( for specific estimates if necessary.

Our commitment to you extends far beyond just filing your taxes; we're dedicated to being proactive, helping you be strategic with your taxes and wealth, saving you time, maximizing your savings, and ensuring peace of mind, every step of the way.

Thank you for your confidence, as always, we look forward to working with you!

Please contact Charla at for questions about the tax organizers, the questionnaire, or engagement letters.

Please contact for questions about getting documents to us.

If you have not filed with us previously and have general questions, would like to discuss pricing, or would like to know more about our filing process, please contact Jamie at

For payroll or 1099 filing questions: please contact Christie

For bookkeeping/accounting questions please contact Shara


LLC / Entity Setup Info

Corporate Transparency Act — Beneficial Ownership Information Reporting

Whether you are a new or returning client we are excited to work with you.  We want you to be aware of our tax preparation process to help everything go smoothly and to avoid any surprises.  We want to make this a great experience for you.  See below for our 6 step process and please let us know if you have any questions.


1. Documents

After our initial contact we will need to start receiving your tax reporting documents.  ‎Documents can be mailed, dropped off, emailed, or easily uploaded through our website at the link above or through the client portal.

To get started we would like a copy of your prior year tax return and your current year tax reporting documents.  For a more detailed list of common items we might need please go this page to the page above "Common Tax Prep Items" 


Every year we send out a tax organizer in early January that has a questionnaire and some worksheets to complete. While not a required step, many of our clients find it useful to help us not miss any important changes in their life.  Ex. changes in dependents, jobs, investments, marriage status, contact information, etc.  


2. ‎Preparation

After your documents are received we will start by scanning your paper documents into PDF format.  One of our tax preparers will start entering your tax information into our professional tax preparation software.  Our professional software provides us with diagnostic and analysis tools that help us maximize your deductions and stay within the tax law.

3. ‎Review

After tax returns are prepared, we have a review process where one of our CPAs will review the documents and tax return checking for any missing items, deductions, etc. Once this step is complete we will follow up with you if we have any questions, comments, or recommendations. 


4. ‎Tax Return

After the review and all questions have been answered, we will provide you a copy of your tax return.  Most tax returns are filed electronically which allows us to email you a link to download the PDF containing your federal and state tax returns.  We feel that the electronic delivery of tax returns saves both us and our client’s time.  If you prefer a paper copy of your tax return, please let us know and we can mail it or have it available for pickup.  At the time you receive your tax return, we will let you know if there are any tax payments due or if you will be receiving a refund.  This information is also found on the first page of the tax return copy provided to you.  And if applicable, tax payment vouchers to send with your payments are also provided.

5. ‎Sign 

If receiving your tax return electronically, shortly after receiving the PDF of your tax returns, you will receive another email through our electronic signature provider DocuSign requesting you to electronically sign the e-file authorization form.   If you are picking up a paper copy of your tax return we will have the e-file authorization form available for you at the office.  We cannot file the tax return unless this is signed and if you are filing a joint tax return both of you will need to sign. 


6. ‎File

After you electronically sign the e-file authorization form we will automatically receive a notification.  There is nothing else you need to do, unless there are tax payments that need to be made, and we will electronically file the tax returns.



We appreciate the opportunity to work with you and we hope to make the tax preparation process as pleasant  as possible.  Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.




Bement & Company

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