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IRS & State Issues

Received an IRS or State tax notice?  


Are you in the middle of an audit?


Do you have years of back taxes that need to be filed?


We know this can be stressful and we can provide the relief you need.  

Let us save you time, money, and the headache/fear/stress these letters or notices can cause.

We can get you caught up with your prior year tax filings to stop the flow of threatening letters and notices.


IRS or State audits can be emotionally and financially expensive. We have extensive experience in negotiation of settlements and installment payment plans.  Let us help you achieve the most beneficial outcome.  If done correctly, and if you meet the requirements, your debt may be settled for a fraction of what was originally owed.

Schedule your consultation today to see if your situation would qualify.

Book your FREE CALL OR IN-PERSON MEETING below. You can also schedule by calling or by sending us an email.

There are many types of notices you might receive from the IRS or states.  We have experience with these notices and can help you understand them and the steps to resolve them.  

See below for our list of IRS Resolution Services:

- File back taxes

- Offers in Compromise

- Payment Plans

- Discharge Taxes/Bankruptcy

- Retrieve/Review IRS Transcript Files

- Resolve levies, liens, garnishments

- Innocent Spouse Relief

- Transcript Analysis

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