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Audits, Compilations, Reviews

Sometimes these services are a requirement by a 3rd party, requested for internal reporting, or are wanted because of the assurance some of these services can provide.

An audit can represent to others that your organization has financial reports that are fairly presented according to accounting standards.  We have extensive experience in the audits of non-profit organizations, HUD entities, and 401(k) plans.  Whether you are a for-profit organization and need an annual audit or a one time audit, or a non-profit organization that wants to represent to your donors that you have a well run organization, we can help.

Reviews provide less assurance than an audit but can still be a method to represent to others that your organization has reasonable reporting methods and that your financial statements are fairly stated according to accounting standards.

Compilation and preparation services are often needed when financial statements are requested by lending institutions.  While no assurance is provided with compilation or preparation services, we can help you and your business put together your financial statements for internal or external reporting.

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